How the Poles saved England – another forgotten story27.05.2014

Mark Johnson, the author of Never Surrender: Poland’s Long War, 1939-1945, recently wrote a post for Racecard telling the tale of the hundreds of thousands of Poles who helped to save England from Nazi domination.

In 1940, Britain stood alone against the might of Nazi Germany. The Nazi totalitarian state represented the most vicious and violent threat to the rights of man the world has ever experienced. In the space of less than one year, Germany had invaded and subjugated Poland, Denmark, Norway, Luxembourg, Holland, Belgium and France. Now she stood poised across the English Channel, needing only to knock the Royal Air Force from the skies, before sending her gray-clad army across the waters of the Channel to occupy London and other British cities.

Anyone growing up in this country will be familiar with the tale of what came next. Brave British fighter pilots, facing overwhelming odds, fought in England’s blue skies all summer against the might of the German Luftwaffe. When it was over, we stood victorious, saved by The Few; a handful of brave fighter pilots. The Germans pulled back and decided that it made more sense to attack the vastness of the Soviet Union than to attempt to defeat our small island (…)

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